Where are you on managing your integral life and career to become the very best you can be?

 Are you growing rapidly as a Young Adult (30-45), Middle Age Professional (45-65) and Senior Mentor (65 +)?

Most people accept the Average lable, followed by personal decline and minimal legacy. Others choose Exceptional lifelong learning, and surge forward with knowledge, generativity, happiness and fulfillment.


Most of us try inumerable times throughout our lives to answer the following basic questions about ourselves, and how we fit in with what our acquired knowledge and experience has given us to work. For many we discover that our answers are heavily influenced by situational factors at the time and age we ask. Chances are that throughout our lives we are on a journey of discovery--and while the questions don't change, the answers change significantly.

At the most fundamental level, research indicates we humans report the need to discover a holistic and comprehensive purpose and meaning for the total of our life experience. And, we will engage with others to re-discover ourselves and work with others to rapidly close the gap if there is any sense that we have become less less valued and productive in a rapidly changing and ultra competitive world. Philosophers say that everyone has to eventually confront these questions:

    1. What do I stand for? (a sense of purpose)

    2. How do I fit in with what has come before? (a sense of history)

    3. How am I related to other people/events/forces? (a sense of order)

    4. What can I hope for as I take action? (a sense of outcome)

The difficulty some people expeeince with this list of questions is that they may be too broad in concept to understand at a more practical level. Initially, it may be easier to identify specific day-to-day concerns for which finding answers have a timely outcome and a "to do" aspect. Examples in finding daily meaning may be realized by first staying tuned to our ongoing aspirations and taking action when opportunities occure. For example:

    1. When will I discover my true calling, and begin to live an integrated life?

    2. How can I become more knowledgeable and competent in a rapidly changin and stressful world?

    3. How can I manage my way through these mid-life/career frustrations and have a second chance to succeed?

    4. How can I make my life a memorable event and become an example for those in the future?

If the questions above motivate you to take action concerning the learning, knowledge, skills and abilities that thousands of successful lifelong learning practitioners have discovered -- and are integrated into an unmatched comprehensive and holistic life management and professional branding program; then go immediately to the next Master Class Tab and Read Handbook Tab Projects.

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