Master Class

A Master Class Program for "Your Integral Life Matters" Practitioners

Author: Dr. Rudy Garrity,

The ALF advocates the application of a Life Management and Professional Performance Mindset and Brand for American citizens, businesses, communities and overall societal enlightenment. For that purpose the Handbook and companion Educational Website (Curriculum, Graphics, Videos, Chapters and Exercise) promote: "YOUR INTEGRAL LIFE MATTERS: Create a Life and Legacy Management Mindset for Personal, Organizational, Community and Societal Success -- the American Tradition" 

The Overall Master Class for Affiliate Project Leaders: American Life Management and Professional Performance (Ages 25-75)                            (This master class program is under design to become a home-based, family-oriented life managment learning game and tutorial by March 2018)

We recommend that readers of this Handbook; and participants in our ALF Master Class and related courses, keep in mind that the ALF challenge is to construct and share an overarching meta-level concept for Integral Adult Life Management along with a compelling methodology for achieving real-life practical outcomes and results.  Additionally, we emphasize the importance of establishing one's professional brand and presence as a “lifelong learner” motivated toward achieving interdisciplinary reasoning, social systems development, a memorable living legacy, a distinguished way-of-being and a notable personhood during their lifetime.

This life management program is intended to be an exceptionally powerful supplement for American adults desiring continuous education and development that exceeds what is available elsewhere.  Many formal, time-consuming and expensive courses have limited usefulness in integrating the breadth and scope of knowledge, skills and abilities one needs to know and apply when dealing with life's increasing pace, uncertainty and complexities.  We often overlook the beneficial effect of a holistic mindset in living, working and relationships, and in building cross-disciplinary competence for interpersonal matters with thoughtful reasoning and balance.  Being helpful, motivated, competent, inclusive, authentic and trustworthy are human factors worth pursuing in a well-managed life, culture and community.  

Participation in this Integral Life Matters program is welcomed for adults aged 25 to 75 who are at any stage of their life/career transition where the desire for a wide-ranging practical learning experience -- wherein open thinking, thoughtful conversation, and a shared learning opportunity (with minimum partisan, ethnic or sectarian conflict) -- can serve as "good time" spent with others. This program is offered as a well-researched cross-disciplinary methodology for self-management to achieve self-fulfillment, high performance, the common good and human enlightenment.  Conversation that welcomes multiple points of view, is trusted as a great way for everyone to discover their own unique goals, capabilities and journey toward happiness.

To participate as a class or course member, receive recognition for achievement, and even write your own e-book, contact Dr. Rudy Garrity for detailed information at or 703-587-0942 (subject line: "Master Class")  Inquiries on becoming an ALF team member, affiliate owner or partner are always welcomed.

ALF Website                                                                                                                                                       (Includes: Handbook, Website, Curriculum, Videos, Chapter PDFs, Exercise)

The ALF Master Class (Mastermind) Project represents the most comprehensive and detailed investigation of the concepts, goals, models, methods and values that, in total, characterize the breadth and depth of human needs, wants and desires in human social organization. Over the early period of the adult lifespan, career-educated citizens establish families, grow children, achieve early adult tasks, and plan for lives with only moderate levels of advanced information. These capabilities are hard to anticipate and harder to integrate and achieve high performance.

As mid-life nears, many family and career objectives have been accomplished, new avenues of interest and occupation become known, and the urge for some degree of change becomes a regular factor in our mid-life minds. Our transition into adulthood begins to wane as mid-life transitions and opportunities become most compelling. Nuclear families and associations are adjusted to the “new normal” as social relations forge new relationships across other cultures and locations. New achievements and losses are experienced.

After 10-15 more years even our mid-life phase begins to wane and a transition to a senior or elder life phase becomes a necessity. Our past is clearly longer while our future threatens to diminish as friends and families meet their mortality. Who were we? Why were we? What have we become? What do we yet have to do? Is time left?  We alone, need to assess and draw conclusions on who and what we were and have become.  

The ALF Mastermind Project provides an overarching and most thorough methodology for discovering  and integrating adult life thinking, learning, knowing, leading, sharing and achieving personal, organizational, community and societal tasks and objectives – i.e. integral life management – that this author has read or experienced during purposeful exploration. The totality of this work is offered – not as a dogmatic model for others to follow – but as a reference for review during others’ study and learning.

This ALF educational program consists of other projects focused more explicitly on the issues and topics of interest for Americans (and others) at different times and places in their respective lifetimes. More information on these projects is at the ALF website:                                                                               .                                                                      

Ages 25-50 Projects (Early to Mid Adult Life):

     My Integral Life, Work, Wealth, Health and Legacy Success ** (Personal Fulfillment) (Optional: e-book)

     My Authentic Personal and Professional Performance Brand ** (Enterprise High Performance) (Optional: e-book)

Ages 50-75 Projects (Seniors):

     My Mid-Life/Career Transition and Personal Renewal ** (Encore Life Planning) (Optional: e-book)

     My Senior Lifelong Learning and Memorable Legacy ** (Optional: Family Legacy Letter) 


The ALF Your Integral Life Matters Program provides an overarching “theory to practice” educational program that integrates the coaching, consulting, authoring and community fundraising initiatives offered by the American Learnership Forum -- formerly associated with the George Washington University Knowledge Management Institute, Business Alliance and KM Graduate Program.

The class is designed for educated and experienced professionals committed to success through improved personal, organizational, community and societal performance and development. It provides a comprehensive and integral compilation of topics, issues, situations, perspectives, methodologies and technologies through which adults of all ages can reflect, learn and take action as  we collaboratively pursue self fulfillment, high performance, the community common good and human enlightenment. The initial offerings of the Master Class beginning in Spring 2018 are targeted toward building a cadre of Lifelong Learning, Leading and Legacy Branding Mentors focused on adding this skill set to their own suite of business services and professional networks. Individual Projects for highly experienced subject experts will follow in Summer 2018.

The breadth and depth of Master Program subject matter and participant discussion – based on decades of research and best practice analysis – promotes the rapid achievement of intellectual (IQ) and emotional (EQ) human capital for all attendees. The wide range of interdisciplinary and socially relevant topics – and issues laden with learning and knowledge management complexity – have been crafted to stimulate personal self reflection, and the systematic pursuit of the human capabilities that provide resilience when experiencing inevitable life transitions.

Leaders, educators, coaches, consultants, trainers, parents, project managers and group facilitators are certain to appreciate the interdisciplinary and integral educational aspects of the learning process itself – as well as the “left brain” process and 50 “right brain” graphics that invite the harmonization of our beliefs and behaviors. Participants will benefit from the huge knowledge base behind the topical buffet provided, and the insightful learning points shared by Master Program facilitators.

An educational feature designed to ensure participant delight is that notwithstanding the hundreds of concepts and best practices designed into the Master Program, every participant is encouraged to temporarily stretch their minds to consider other points of view but to carefully select only the new insights they personally find worthy for their adoption and future success. Lifelong learning, leading, legacy and knowledge management (American Learnership) encourages holistic critical thinking, leading to informed decision-making that achieves meaningful personal results.

                                             Preliminary handbook content follows. For additional information                                                  contact:  Dr. Rudy Garrity, (703-587- 0942),

                                             ALF Master Class   

 Your Integral Life Matters: Create a Life and Legacy Management Mindset for Personal, Organizational, Community and Societal Success -- in the American Tradition

Chapter Title


Title and Copyright


Preface: Welcome to American Learnership Forum (ALF) Inc.


Contents: List of Topics and Sequence


Introduction: Your Integral Life Matters


SECTION I.  American Learnership: Life Management & Professional Branding

Foundational  Baseline

Chapter 1.  Introduction to the American Learnership Methodology


Chapter 2.  Discovering the Meaning of Your Life


Chapter 3.  Being the Project Manager of Your Life


Chapter 4.  Crafting Your Authentic Personal and Professional Brand




SECTION II.  American Learnership: Interdisciplinary Reasoning Competencies

Interdisciplinary Mindset

Chapter 5.  Systems Thinking Competency


Chapter 6.  Pattern Recognition Competency


Chapter 7.  Situational Learning Competency


Chapter 8.  Knowledge Management Competency


Chapter 9.  Adaptive Leadership Competency




First Interlude:  Learnership Integrated Systems Architecture (LISA)


SECTION III.  American Learnership: Integral Social Systems Development

Integral Learning, Knowledge, Leadership

Chapter 10.  Personal (Micro) System Development (Ability, Health, Character) 

ALF Business Service #1

Chapter 11.  Organization (Macro) System Development (Direction, Operations, Performance)

ALF Business Service #2

Chapter 12.  Community (Mega) System Development (Business, Education, Government)      

ALF Business Service #3

Chapter 13.  Societal (Meta) System Development (Personal, Organization, Community) 

ALF Business Service #3



Second Interlude: American Learnership: Practitioner Assessment and Development



SECTION IV.  American Learnership: Encore Opportunities and Experience

Transition, Renewal, Legacy  

Chapter 14.  Mid-Life/Career Transition and Renewal

ALF Business Service #4

Chapter 15.  Senior Rejuvenation, Authentic Living, and Legacy Success

ALF Business Service #4



EPILOGUE. Summarization and Review of Selected Major Topics






A – American Founding Documents


B – Personal eBook Option: My Integral Life, Work, Wealth, Health and Legacy Success

ALF Business Service #5             

C – Personal eBook Option: My Authentic Personal and Professional Performance Brand

(Publish Client Books)     

D -- Encore Example: The Author’s Encore Journey


E – Complete Your Unique Project Options  MY Mid-Life/Career Transition and Renewal, and/or My Senior Lifelong Learning and Memorable Legacy (Letter)


F -- American Learnership Organization and Author