A "University of the Mind" Metaphor: The Pursuit of Integration in a Differentiated World

About The American Learnership™ Forum

Dedicated to lifelong learners and integrative thinkers, The American Learnership ™ Forum is a public service community of interest in Leesburg, Virginia. We are looking for skilled writers, coaches, educators, consultants, leaders, artists, and other informed people who want to discuss personal, organizational, community, and societal concerns. Celebrating America's traditions and responsibilities at this time in world history, we solicit your insights, accomplishments, and artistry for reflection, dialogue, and publication, developing a "Mindful Way-of-Being."

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Welcome to the American Learnership™ Forum (ALF)

"The mind once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size."
— Oliver Wendell Holmes

What is Learnership?

Learning is a complex process with the object of knowledge creation and use in virtually all human affairs. And, learners are people with an ability to learn – although the development of this ability and willingness to use knowledge varies widely across the general population. It follows, then, that there should be a term to describe people who are exceptional and influential learners – and to recognize their capabilities and influence on others.

Learnership is the suggested term, and it is derived from: (1) learner – one who seeks to learn or to gain knowledge through experience or study, and
(2) – ship (suffix) – to show or possess a quality, state, or condition. Additionally, Learnership captures the essence and skill of leadership in which people are skillful in influencing others thinking and action.

The American Learnership Forum (ALF) is a subsidiary of American Learnership Solutions (ALS), and a community of interest (COI) for lifelong learners and integrative thinkers seeking to communicate on personal, organizational, community, and societal concerns. This community welcomes skilled writers, coaches, educators, consultants, leaders, artists and other informed people striving to evolve to a "Mindful Way-of-Being." We celebrate America’s traditions and responsibilities at this time in world history, and we solicit your insights, accomplishments, and artistry for reflection, dialogue, and notable publication.

The Center for Life Management and Professional Performance Branding

The Center is the ALS/ALF educational body that creates, organizes, produces and delivers American Learnership products and services. It is responsible for the interdisciplinary reasoning and integral social systems architecture that distinguishes American Learnership in the educational, coaching and consulting marketplace.

Master Class 2018

Dr. Garrity’s book: Your Integral Life Matters:  Create a Life and Legacy Management Mindset for Personal, Organizational, Community and Societal Success in the American Tradition to provide a comprehensive overview and linkage to all of the concepts and topics that are considered to be integrated under the American Learnership banner. This book and curriculum are intended to be the primary reference documents for sharing and delivering the American Learnership philosophy, concepts and practices that, together, motivate and enable large scale adult learning for national personal, organizational and community development.

Our Team

Dr. Rudolph Garrity

The American Learnership Forum is a nonprofit organization that welcomes individuals, organizations and communities as "learnership practitioners." We encourage every member to pursue self-fulfillment, high performance, and the common good. An executive, manager, consultant, and educator, Dr. Rudy Garrity has experience in the public and private sectors. He has been a principal consultant and project manager specializing in a variety of fields, including:

 – Public Administration                                                                                   – Strategic Planning
 – Process Re-Engineering           
 – Quality & Knowledge Management                                                               -- Organization Transformation                                                                         -- Workforce Development                                                                               -- Information Technology Architecture                                                             -- Systems Acquisition Program Management

 -- Personal Development Coaching                                                                 -- Organizational Development Consulting                                                       -- Community Outreach and Charity Support                                                   -- Mid-Life Transition and Senior Legacy Mentor                                             -- University Lecturer and Researcher                                                               -- Master Coach and Consultant                                                                        -- Writer, Author, Speaker

Partners and Affiliates

(May 2018, New Life Management and Professional Performance Program Under Development)

ALF is a nonprofit community services organization sponsored by American Learnership Solutions (ALS)
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